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My Philosophy

We are all one. We are all part of the whole. There is no separation and we often lose our center when we give into the illusions, programing and narratives that we either have been told or we tell ourselves.  Personal power comes when we connect to the ultimate truth of our inner being and knowing. Many of us are in the process of awakening and expansion.  Often times this comes when we are in the deconstruction part of our lives. The pain and suffering a portal back to light and truth. A quest back to divinity. The pain of letting go of everything you thought you were, you thought you knew is a very real process. Shedding the layers of all things that block truth is no easy task but I promise you its worth it.  Are you ready to let these constructs go and live in the now? Let’s go on a magical ride together. Let’s reclaim the power and the energy that makes you a very essential/unique part of the whole. Let’s remember that boundaries are an act of self-love and that you are the ultimate decider on what comes in and what stays out. Let’s feed love, light, and heal ourselves and the planet. We can create this reality together. Yes, we are that powerful.


My Approach

I believe we are our own greatest healers and everything we need is within us. I take an integrative approach when it comes to working with my clients. In addition to my work in private practice, my past experience involves working with patients in a hospice setting offering a combination of individual and group counseling services to patients/families.  My training and experience is around addressing the emotional and spiritual needs related to the impact of illness, transitions, anxiety, loss, and grief. In specializing in grief and loss, I have found that existential therapy, humanistic psychology and energy healing are modalities and philosophies that I embrace in my practice.  My approach is one that studies the whole person, and the uniqueness and divinity of each individual. I believe that change occurs through finding philosophical and spiritual meaning in the face of anxiety, loss, transitions, or grief. Who are we in the face of uncertainty and conflict? Discovering our own life meaning and taking responsibility in the construction of our life is the first step to authentic growth and change.

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